Sunday, June 2, 2013

1st Wedding Anniversary

As this morning was going by minute by minute I was remembering every second of my wedding day. It just seems soo surreal that its been a full yr since the wedding and I wish I could get that day back . Thru out the day at times I just wanted to cry but at the same time I did remember the very hurt that was said to my face by different ppl but also remember the glorious moments and the  sweet words that ppl were telling me just short little convos w different ppl

Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 ends on a great note

This yr was awesome for Chris and I cause one of the big moments or memory was that we got married June 2nd 2012 and went on our 1st cruise ever!!! With a lot of memorable moments that I or Chris will not forget for the rest of our lives!!! We ar truly blessed!!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Well its crunch time! its down to 113 dayz before the wedding. ive been soo busy in all this wedding planning that i didn't have time to post any new posts here. Well to give u all an major update i had some BMs issues but now i got my team all together & ready to go. Last weekend i took all my girls down to Alfred Angelo to get measured for their dresses & place the order. Now its time to start looking around for the Groom's Tux. i have pretty much in mind what i would like him to wear as well as the Groomsmen. Now im going to get stressed out again just like when i was trying to get all the girls to place their orders for the dresses but this time its the guys. This weekend we are going to do a photoshoot i kinda have an idea as to where to take it at but not too sure about what to wear. As i am doing a self photoshoot with my Fiance. The pics are going to be used at a shower that some ladies in the church are hosting for me which is in March. As i was collecting the addresses for the wedding shower i though i should go ahead & start collecting the addresses for the wedding cause when its closer i might be more stressed out. So im trying to do alot of things before it gets too close to the wedding. I also have my first fitting on march the 1st. im like other girls are not really worried about losing a specific amount of weight before the first fitting but just trying to not gain any weight. I have also changed the theme of the wedding about 3 times. its kinda crazy but the theme for the ceremony is enchanted forest & the reception is a bit of that & rustic Cinderella .

Thursday, November 3, 2011

1st Heaven On Earth Meeting W Wedding Planner

 when down to Heaven On Earth yesterday to pick out the flowers. Well i was excited & very nervious at the sametime. We finally met & start planning my wedding. She was very excited to met me & so was i to met her too for the very first time ever!!! So i pulled out my bridal Notebook with all the bouquets that i cut out of a mag. & she was very impressed that i did my homework. Im a very organized bride & i know that i want. There was a little bit of disappointments here & there but u always have to have a back up bouquet!!! So there were some flowers that i really wanted in the bouquet but couldn't due to being out of season & all. But overall i was very pleased with my flowers & all! We when from my bouquet - all the MOHs ~ Bridesmaids ~ Groom ~ Best Men ~ Usher ~ all the grandparents & all the mothers. & well for the dads im going to be making all of theirs. I then picked out the center pieces as well. I asked her some questions & she answered them. She also kinda walked me through what i bring in to the house is going to stay here & how to go get it when its time to leave & all. SO i was sooo stressed about that but now im not.
The Bride

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Its Starting to Feel .....

Tomorrow i will be going to heaven on earth for the every 1st time to start picking out things for the wedding!!! ( setting the selections in stone)! I am soo excited about meeting my wedding planner for the every first time. i have talked to her  by phone & by e-mail but i get to meet her tomorrow. Well i have felt over a period of time that even tho i was planning on WW ( WeddingWire) & lot has been done. It actually does feel like im starting to plan the wedding i guess it is starting to sink in that the wedding isn't very far off now that im going into the office & meeting with my wedding planner & planning my wedding!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!!!!

I will give u an update on how it went.!!!
The Bride

Monday, October 24, 2011

Update on Wedding Projects

Hi Everyone,
Its been along time since last posted on here but i kinda got alot of things done. I have almost completed a DIY project of the ribbon wands. I finally decided on my wedding bouquet for the 3rd or 4th time lol but now its totally in stone! Now im gonna get started on my bridesmaids bouquets getting ideas then its off to decide on what the bouts for the guys are going to be like! In which is going to be my next DIY project. I have to make all the extras for the groomsmen in which are not covered in the package over the flower part. I have to make 6! But its going to be fun doing it. Cause one day when i was in hobby lobby i saw the supplies & thought to myself i could just make them myself.

Friday, August 5, 2011

We are engaged!!!

Its official now!! We are enaged as of 7/30/2011 !!! Ok so down to business i've been working super hard on all the websites im like the IT here lol but anyways i got my bridal party all put together & was soo happy that all of them said yes to my question of asking them to be my bridesmaids / maid of honor  & matron. I did that all Tuesday 2nd ... Hopefully my fince & I can get in a photoshoot this weekend for the engagement shoots. Its almost been a full week since we've been engaged & i just love showing off my ring lol & talking about wedding details.